North Louisiana Beagle SPO Trial

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    North Louisiana Beagle Club AKC Licensed SPO Trial

    Club House address
    187 Vic Allen Road Downsville,La 71234

    January 30-31,2010
    Closing and Drawing at 7:00 AM CST Both days
    Pre-measure at 6:30AM CST Both Days

    13" Bitches.......Sat. Jan 30
    Joe Johnson - Missouri
    J.L. McClure- Mississippi

    15" Bitches......Sat. Jan 30
    Anthony Hovator - Alabama
    Lane Howe - Louisiana

    13" Dogs......Sun. Jan 31
    Brent Champagne - Louisiana
    Donald Knight - Alabama

    15" Dogs......Sun. Jan 31
    Steve Poirier - Louisiana
    D.J. Odom - Louisiana

    We have camper hookups available at no charge (first come first served)
    We will run in our enclosures and on the outside. Lots of rabbits both in & Out of the pens. See Ad on Pg36 of January Hounds and Hunting for additional info. This is a Deep South and Lone Star Qualifier also and everyone is welcome down here at our club.