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    Howdy folks. Hey,I have been working with Chopper (9 months old), for a couple weeks now. I have a wild cottontail that I have been using for training purposes. I keep it in one of those wire mesh crates you can get for your dog. Chopper really gets after it sounding off and chasing around the cage at the rabbit. He looks for all intents and purposes like a real go get em beagle. But,when I lay a trail with the rabbit for him to work he seems to get all confused. He has trouble staying on track,and doesn't get as excited as he does at the cage. Is this a normal reaction for a dog that is just starting? Thanks all,Rockdog.
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    I'm not sure but it sounds like you have been having sight races. He will learn to run scent by exposing him to running in a larger pen with rabbits and cover or letting him hunt with another broke hound.


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    He has'nt found his nose yet.
  4. He needs to be able to chase it around until he can't see it and then he will start using his nose. If you had a place where you could turn it loose so he could hunt for it and use his nose that is what he needs now, he knows what it looks and smells like now.
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback.:up: I don't have access to a pen, so I guess I will try to keep the rabbit out of sight of him until he figures this all out. Later this summer when the field greens up I should have resident rabbits around the place. I just want to get him connected to the ground as soon as I can. He was a solid 8 months old when I bought him, and I don't want to be resting on my laurels with him being that old.
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    Take him out late in the evening and walk him around the fields and see if you can come across a wild rabbit. Let him do the work, all you do is call him over to the spot where you seen the rabbit. Keep doing this and his nose will come to him.