Nlbc fun trial photos

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  1. Here are some photos at Noth LA Beagle club Great people & great Runing grounds. We ran 22 packs Sat.

    Lane Ruggs setten & Roger williams AKA [ RKW ] standen

    This looks like a under the table pay off LOL--Just poken fun guys. Lane seten Roger & James caught in action


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    Rob I'm lmao you just ain't right boy!:clap: Rob Cross? AKA ( Trouble Maker ) lol "Here Come Da Judge"

  3. Club House -Sorry i didnt get no videos , was to busy watch hounds run


  4. RKW its was good meeting you ,a great guy. I had a blast & hope all did thats what its all about
  5. Oh ya forgot to mention on my way home got at ticket going 72 in a 55, bet that coast me:banghead::banghead:
  6. Here are the winning packs
    First- Robert Mikes
    Second- Robbie Crossfield
    Third- Robbie Crossfield
    Fourth- Rusty Pitman
    NBQ- Mark Miller-Gerald Bridges

    We had 22 packs
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    Hate to hear that. Don't worry though in this Country you are innocent until proven guilty, I don't think thats been changed yet? Unless you go before Judge Havey. lol

  8. RKW you aint right looool that was a gooden. Hope ya made it home ok & feeling better, welcome ta come up & run any time:thumb:
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    Guys if any of you ever get a chance to go to a fun hunt or any other hunt for that matter at the North La. Club you will have a great time. There was plenty of good hound running, excellent food, and the fellowship was outstanding. I got to meet several friends and made many new ones. There were plenty of hunting and hounds stories to listen to as well. I enjoyed the company of Mr. Gerald Bridges whom I had never met but heard much about. He is a very nice gentleman who is a legend and a tribute to the sport and I appreciated him sharing his stories and hound knowledge with us. James Murphy, Lane Rugg, and DJ Odom did a great job of keeping everything running smooth. Emily Rugg, Lane's daughter was a real help to him too. A big thank you to James wife Teresa for bringing that good smoked chicken dinner for us too.

    Now I know most of you know Rob and his Blackcreeks but this was my first time to meet him. I enjoyed him very much as he kept something going all the time and having fun is what it should be all about. So my hat is off to you Rob for what you do for the sport as well. I think everyone had a great time and wish more could have been there to join in. Congratulations to Robert Myatt for winning the Saturday hunt.

  10. I wished we had made a list of attendence, i would like to thank all you guys fer allowing my grand son to help out with your hounds ,loading & unloading & leading back & fourth. He is a little beagler that loves it as much as i do. he is already working on his pack of his own at 6 year old . He is trying to pick out my main gyps to:headscratch:
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    nice looking running grounds
  12. Sounds like all of you guys had a lot of fun! I would like to go down there one of these days to a fun trial or regular trial. :up:
  13. nice looking hunting club I'll have to come to a field trail down there and bring some of my culls
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    Sounds like yall had a good time. Ive been trying to get down there for several weeks now and just cant seem to make it work out.