Nip otis x Patch

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    Nip Otis / Patch, Male pup for sale. 16 weks old, and sight chaseing.
    He is pick of the litter. I was going to keep him but we have have picked up a couple straight medium speed males. Right now I have to many fast dogs and to many males.

    We are trying to split pack 1 fast pack for straight rabbit hunting and one medium pack or trialing.

    I hate to get rid of the pup but wife says something has to go. I would love to see a youngster end up with this pup.

    This puppy is well behaved and beautiful. Very friendly, not shy at all , He could be spoiled. His mom and Dad are great rabbit dogs. This puppy will be a great rabbit dog. He may make a trial dog or he could be a little to fast.

    His dad is 14 and 3/8 inches tall his mom is 13 3/4. He was the smallest male in the litter.

    200 dollars .
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    Sold, Sold , Sold