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  1. I have never run my hounds at night, but am intrigued by the thought.
    I purchased the Trashbreaker G-3 but did not get the tracer lights with them seeing as Tracker and Nite Lites has lights you can put on the collar, just can not turn them on or off remotely as you can with the Tracer lights on the G-3.

    Of the two (Tracker and Nite Lites), has anybody used them, either one better than the other? Did you rivet them to the collar or use the clip and did it stay put (if clip was used)?

    I figured if I was releasing them after dark, then it was a given that the lights need to be on... do not need to remote activate them... and the tracer beig 60.00 compared to 12-13 for the alternative... :idea:
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    I run at night a lot and have never used anything but shockcollars... Get your hounds collar broke to "come" and thats all you need. Have fun!
    Sometimes I dont even run collars. But when its time to go nothing works better than to tone them and they come out to me.

  3. I have mine trained to a fox horn... and works pretty much MOST of the time.

    I guess I am concerned about the young ones more than anything, they know what it means when they hear it, they just seem to get turned around and go the wrong way from time to time, would like to see the lights to make sure they are going itn the right direction.
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    Deltadog is right, collar break them then when you get ready to catch them start to tone them and they will come. I've got 2 that will come running. My Buddy dog was one of those that didn't want to quit hunting so he didn't want to let you catch him. He isn't shy at all but just didn't want to quit hunting so I collar broke him and trained him to the tone. Now he will come to me with the rest of them but he is funny to watch coming in because while the others may come running up the lane Buddy will steadily come but dragging along because he wants to go hunting. If he gets too slow I might tone him again and he will pick his speed then slow back down but he is coming none the less.

  5. John-PA

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    The Tracker Flash is the way to go, I use them on my dogs at night and they are brighter than the tri-tronics tracer light. Because you can put them on top of the dogs neck on the collar they are more easily seen than the tracer also ( the tracer is always under the dogs neck ). The blue and white are the brightest colors, but I've also got the orange and red and they work great.
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    You want ever see my hounds with them, but try the little bells on them. There alot cheaper probably..
  7. RKW

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    Deter, one night several years before our present day technology we were out fox hunting. One of the hunters named W.O. had a bragg dog named Twister. The hounds were really rolling this grey fox carrying him on a good 1/2 mile circle and back. All the while W.O. was telling us to listen to ole Twister and how good he was doing and that our hounds had better hurry up or they wouldn't know which way ole Twister went. This went on and on and on until he caught all of us bursting with laughter. What he didn't know was that ole Twister had come by the fire about 2 hours before and jumped up into his dog box and went to sleep. I thought he was going to have a heart attack as he dragged ole Twister out of the truck and put a thrashing on him for not harking. After that ole Twister did take the front end and kept it all night. I was glad Twister didn't have one of those flashing lights on or we might have missed all of the fun. lol

  8. Now that is funny!!!!

    That is what is great about this sport, the stories, the friendship.

    I do use bells on the pups... I will try this weekend w/o lights... see if Missi and I can stand the suspense of not knowing. I am looking forward to it because it will be new, but real nervous becuase I have never done this and hate the thought of losing my kids.

    Now to think of the spot to go :headscratch:.
  9. RKW

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    You will have to have a pretty good hand light or two. Good luck and have fun that's what it is all about anyway.

  10. MackC

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    I once had some collar lights that I put on my foxhounds so I could see what they were doing. I went to a coyote pen near Fort Payne, AL. There were several hunters and 40 dogs turned loose. When the dogs came by and the older hunters asked what are those lights and I told them. Most of them agreed they did not want anyone to know what thier dogs were doing! lol! It is pretty neat to have different color lIghts on the dogs and see what they are doing. It might surprise you.
  11. RKW

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    That's right Mack the lights will let them see what they are doing as well as what they are not doing. lol

  12. SOOOO.... IF the land you are running on is WMA... AND the hounds happen to disturb a neighboring residence (@ 11:00 at night) what is the norm?

    I would hate for somebody to come shooting at my hounds because they built a house too close to a Wildlife Management Area...
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    Unless some laws have changed all the WMAs in AR are closed to running beagles April 1st to Sept. 1st. The last thing you want is a blinking light! They do allow coon hunting on WMAs when the State wide season is opened. Never really understood that. I guess it's because like I said there is a summertime coon season?
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    We use a Q Beam for deer hunting,
    I would think you can find beagles with it too.
  15. RKW

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    lmao, It will do just fine Rosco. :clap:

  16. rosco

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    If those Beagle coon hounds run one more rabbit I will load the whole bunch up and take em to the house.
  17. dbounds

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    Rosco, I've thought the very same thing. Officer you don't know how hard I've tried to break those coondogs from running rabbit!
  18. RKW

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    Rosco you and Bounds sound like the husband who had his wife hide the sack of squirrels under her blouse to look like a pregnant woman as the Game Warden checked his license. That game warden has retired and passed on now but his buddies never did let him forget it. I used to hide my over the limit game in an extra storage compartment under the hood back in my younger days. I have a hard enough time just getting the limit now. lol