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OK - this will be long but we'll try to keep it brief:
New Garmin Products:
1) Astro 900 with T9...this runs on a different frequency and is approved for sale in Canada. This ONLY WORKS with T9 collars. It is not cross compatible with T5 or TT 15 collars. $649.99 for a bundle. Range is about 5miles max.

2) Instinct GPS Watch - $299.99. This works with the Astro 900, Astro 430, and Alpha 100. More economical GPS watch - really rugged. Smart notifications so you can see texts and calls on the watch (you cannot answer from the watch).

3) There is NO NEW Alpha being released. We keep getting calls about this and so far there is nothing to this rumor at this time.

4) PRO 550 Plus: This is really cool. Transmitter with a dedicated tone button. It shows dog distance and direction on the transmitter. Push button correction (not touch screen). Max capacity is 3 dogs. Works with TT 15 big or mini, T5 big or mini, and can share with Alpha or Astro 320/430 collars.

Dogtra News:
1) The Dogtra Pathfinder does work with your smartphone. Several new features using the app make it easier and you can now pre-download google earth maps for areas with low to no cell reception.

2) Dogtra Pathfinder does use GPS for the collar, but it does require cell signal for active google earth imagery. The transducer is what bluetooths phone and collar. There is no mini version of the collar available but the collar currently offered will fit a beagle if the collar strap is modified.

Measuring Stands:
YES WE HAVE THEM! We have both AKC/UKC and NKC/ARHA approved measuring stands. $150 and ships free to the lower US48! They are on the website.

We've also added some new medications and we keep adding daily.Thank you for choosing OKIE DOG and MULE and thank you for always supporting us.

Mike Franklin
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