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Pup surely is a looker!!!!! I always loved the red colored dogs, but never was able to get one that I really liked. I came close a few years back. I raised a litter off of my Easy Flow Female (Full Littermate sister to FCGD Amite River E-Z-Go) X My Joe male off of (Shorts Mack, full littermate to Shorts Pro) I had six pups out of that litter. Two were open marked, two Black Tan and White, saddle backed and two not quiet as dark as your pup which I considered Lemon colored. One of the Lemon colored turned out to be a really nice one, placed in the derby trials I entered her in. I was approached by several wanting to purchase her which I refused. Finally I received an offer that to this day I feel I should of refused. I saw that she was for sale on this board several months back and I inquired. I don't think the seller realized I was the breeder at first. Once he described her, it seemed that she had changed from the time I owned her and I didn't want to spend the money he was asking for her if she wasn't the same as when I let her go. I inquired a few weeks later at that time thinking, heck I want her back and the owner had changed his mine, was keeping her. He said he would regret it if he sold her.

Best of Luck with this beautiful Pup!!!!!!
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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