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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Havard, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Havard

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    Just wanted to say hello, and I really like the layout of this site. Some of the guys on here I already know. For the ones I dont, I got back into beagles a couple of years ago. I enjoy a little rabbit hunting, a little field trialing, and alot of dog running. I have managed to pick up a few culls along the way, and I am always trying to improve. Good running to each and every one of ya!

    Chris Havard
    Tylertown, MS
  2. Bglenut

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    Welcome aboard.

    David N. Riley II - Bglenut

  3. Havard

    Havard New Member

    Thanks David. I decieded to check out the site after you and I talked on messenger the other day. Its pretty nice.

    Ran my 2 Rebel/Tess females before I came back to work, and they looked pretty good for no more than they have been ran. They will be long derbys and hopefully do good next spring.

    Chris Havard
  4. beagleman01

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    welcome to the board
  5. RKW

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    Welcome to Rabbit :beagle:. com. Chris glad to have you.

  6. welcometo the board alot of good people here
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  9. Havard

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    Thanks to all.
  10. daveh

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  11. Jeff Gammon

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    Glad to have you Chris
  12. rosco

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    Welcome Chris,

    I am headed to tylertown Friday to run dogs.
  13. welcome, you down there where some good blackcreek dogs came from.
  14. Havard

    Havard New Member

    Thanks to all for the welcome.

    Ponrun, I hope one of these days good dogs will come from my place too!! (lol)

    Rosco, where are you going in T-town to run??

    Chris Havard
  15. rosco

    rosco New Member

    Mr. Bobby's
  16. Havard

    Havard New Member


    I had heard he was shut down till June 1st. Maybe you know some updated info. Have a good run.

  17. rosco

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    I don't own any dogs. My 14 year old son ( Brandon ) does.
    He and Mr. Bobby are tight. Brandon told me the pens are closed until June. he had a special invitation.
  18. Welcome aboard. Now post a pic of your dogs. :up: