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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by woodleaf, Feb 19, 2010.

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    Hi everyone, i just signed up a couple of days ago and have read several posts. Lots of good stuff here. I am from southern IL so if your close, stop buy and lets turn em loose!:
  2. Welcome to the board... it is growing daily... do not forget to throw some numbers in the "Free Hat Contest"...

    sit back and talk hounds for a spell...

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    Tell us about your hounds
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    My hounds

    I have had beagles for as long as I can remember. I ran grade dogs until a couple of years ago. I was looking for good dogs, and had trouble finding something I liked. I started looking for reputable breeders and have been having a ball ever since. My first dog is a Shorts Robo bitch. Great nose, super line control, and a nice medium speed dog. She is going to have my first litter in a couple of weeks. I have another shorts bred male who runs a little harder and hunts harder. I just bought a deacon male out of a blackjack bitch. He looks to be a promising derby. And my last beagle is a blackjack bitch out of a sister to cranks chicken. She is just getting started but looks good so far. I am a rabbit hunter first, but would like to trial a little if I have time and its close to home. I really enjoy top quality rabbit dogs and enjoy the people who raise and train them. What does everybody else run?
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    Just joined a couple days ago myself,A BIG WELCOME from Hoot!:up:
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    welcome to the site hope you enjoy it
  7. I run 15" B&T Woodpont hounds... heavy indian hills and new city... a strong medium speed hound... I believe my mentor classifies them as "Reckless Abandon" when it comes to check and line work. Chase to catch... I am entering my first ARHA Little Pack trial next weekend... anxious and nervous... but it will be fun.
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    welcome to the site woodleaf :welcome:
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    :welcome: to the site wooleaf. I'll bet you like it here.