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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by dawson, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Hello all,

    I am new to the board and have never owned a beagle. I am a hog hunter and have black mouth curs and plott hounds, and have had dogs my whole life. However, I am looking for something (fairly safe) to get my young son interested in dog hunting (and have always been interested in beagling). I think rabbit hunting is just what the doc ordered. I live in Buna, Texas (near the Southeast TX and LA state line) and love the looks of those bluetick beagles....If anyone can point me to someone fairly close, known to have good blue dogs, I would appriciate it...
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    Welcome aboard. I hope you Have fun and Enjoy this site.

    David N. Riley II - Bglenut
    Briarcreek Beagles
    Madison, Ms

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    welcome to the board
  4. glad to have you i'm sure some can find you some blueticks close
  5. welcome to the site,
    i know what you mean, i love those bluetick beagles...dont know of any close to you, but if its out their and it involves beagling, these boys can find it for ya!:D
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    :welcome: to the board Dawson. Check out the Dogs for Sale somebody will be helpful finding you some Bluetick beagles.

  7. welcome to the board i have a uncle that raises mt currs for hog hunting i've only got to go with him a couple times but had a great time
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    Thanks for all the info..