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Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Dwyerpekin, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Dwyerpekin

    Dwyerpekin New Member

    Hello everyone. I have decided to start rabbit hunting. I used to coon hunt years ago so i know a little bit about hunting with dogs. I got out of the coon hunting when i got married. I miss hunting with my hounds. I have decided to start hunting with beagles. What advice would u give a guy starting out. what r my first steps when it comes to buying a dog. I know i want a dog already started, then i will get pups later. Just wanted to get some good advice. Thanks
  2. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    If you know people who have dogs, go and watch them run, decide if what they have is what you like. There are all speeds and styles. Everybody has their own idea of what speed a hound should run. You have to decide for yourself. Watch several different hounds if possible before you make up your mind, and always watch a dog run before you buy him

  3. FB

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    Just what Jeff said.

    Youll probably get differing opinions but I think youd be money and time ahead if you buy a started or running dog over a pup. At least that way you have some idea of what your getting.
  4. Dwyerpekin

    Dwyerpekin New Member

    I agree with u there FB. I went through all that hassle when i coon hunted. Finally spent the money and got what i wanted.
  5. where are you from? There may be some members on here from your area that you can go run with to see what kind of style of hound best suits what your looking for.
  6. Dwyerpekin

    Dwyerpekin New Member

    I live in Floyds Knobs Indiana.
  7. beagleman01

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    agree with everybody go watch some dogs run decide what kind you want and invest in a dog thats already running
  8. john c

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    I agree with seeing them run,and in different conditions if thats possible. Seek out a reputable beagler to deal with.
  9. Owl Creek

    Owl Creek New Member

    if you are going to buy a pup get reference's from other buyers.
    if it is a started or running dog. GO SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYE'S.
    it would not hunt to take a hound man with you to watch them run.
    like the others told you go to some trials or find guys with hounds and see what style you like. trust me on this DO NOT dive in head first.
    i put over a year in to one that i culled. because i thought they all run rabbits .
    take your time on picking out someting.
    watch videos on you tube.