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new dog pen $$ ?

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Ball park figure, if I poured a 20 x 20 slab and made two pens 10 x 20, how much should this set me back? Would like a metal roof over the pens.
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You might be able to do it for $800. Concrete is expensive these days.
concrete is 80 dollars a yard here. The metal roof should run about 400 to cover it, then the cost of the wire and gates. Just built one my self. I will email some pics of my pen to someone if they would post them for me. I have not got that far on this thing yet. It is 20x40 and has six runs in it. It will give you some good ideas.
Email em to [email protected] and Ill post em or Ill give you a quick tutorial and you can post em.

Click the Reply button "(not quick reply) and scroll down to the very bottom where youll see Manage Attachments. Click on that and youll see a box that says Browse on the side. Click Browse and find the file (picture) on your computer, then click upload. Once it uploads just submit it like you would any other post.

Nothin' to it once youve done it a few times.

Id like some ideas myself, especially for how to get rid of the waste. I might be able to run a pipe off into the woods but Im afraid I might have to go with a septic system of some kind.
You are looking at a minimum of $1000, from my experiences. A 20x20 slab, depending on the depth(average is 4 inches), will cost you around 500 dollars. If you buy one 10x10 kennel, that is approx 300. Then you would need to buy 3 more panels, which are about 70 each. It would be worth it in the end though.
just built a new kennel last year. the concrete is 14x32 for the kennels and a 10x12 for a feed room/dog care room. i put a pole barn type structure over it with all metal roofing. its a L shape i left a opening for future puppy pens. i was always told not to put new pups on concrete it could possibly mess there running gear up. i have 6 prefeirt pens 5x10 and in a prefect world would only have two dogs to each pen, but right now i think i have three per pen except the female pen only has two. concrete (1800.00) prefeirt pens and i bought them from a buddy they were a year old and pretty much stole them at (1500.00) the structure was made of treated 5x5 post and metal at the cost of (3700.00) so total of these pens $7000.00 and i don't even have the electric and water down to them. i have hoses and a cord laying on top of the ground for now but plan on burying them. the feed room well just have to wait a year or to. its first class but i would have never new it would be so expensive.
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A 10 x 24 takes exactly 5 yards of concrete. Add that to your posts, fence, gates, roof, electrical(lighting) and water. My pen is 24 X 10 with four stalls galvanized schedule fourty posts, galvanized perlins, and galvalume roof, water, and lights. When I built it about 10 years ago it cost $2500. With prices the way they are now I would guess between $2,500 and $3,500.
Lets see some Pictures of these kennels Please
Some of the best kennels I seen incorporated a yard barn type structure with fenced in yard on one side and off ground pens attached to the other sides.
The fenced yard was for summer and the off ground pens where for winter.

I built a open sided pole barn 30X48, enclosed the west end 8X30 for whelping/feed room. 6' walk way down the middle w/ pens down each side.
I got the the post and fence to enclose a 40X60 yard across the back and 12X30 along one end.
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