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  1. alrigt I have been around dogs all my life and have even seen my grandad raise a few litters of pups but there are a lot of things I never took in to concideration. I have been doing some reading and everyone seems to be saying not to breed a dog untill they are about 2. I have a lil dilema I am in the process of moving and can't seperate a basset I have from a male beagle she has come into heat and is only a yr old. now my thoughts were this is her 2nd heat I will just let him do his thing. All the articles you read everybody seems to put more into it than I have ever seen my grandad or great uncles put into it. My thoughts are that most of these articles are more geared to breeding the more sissy toy breeds not nescisarily hounds. any input from you guys would be much appriciated!! Thanks guys
  2. If the female was a year old beagle, I would be more concerned.

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    I would be real conserned breeding a year old beagle to a basset. A basset is a big bone dog with a big head and that's where the problem would come from, the big head.
  4. If a female is at least a year old she will be fine. I would like for them to be over a year before I bred them but she would probably be fine. I say it would be ok.
  5. thanks for the input guys. That was kinda my thoughts on it. My grandad basically told me if they are old enough to come in they are old enough to breed. and pretty much the same about breeding a larger male to a small female. But being fairly new at this i have been trying to reed as much as i can and most breeding sites ect. I believe are geared toward the smaller designer dogs. I'ld rather trust my dogs to an old farmer in a pair of liberty bibs than most vets in a shirt and tie.