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  1. Alright guys, I have two young gyps, started them in a 1 1/2 acre pen 2 weeks ago. Didn't take them long to start and they started running some at night so Im pretty sure they were smelling him and not looking at him? Heres the problem, I dont have any older dogs to run them with. I have rabbits all over the place here, should I just turn them loose on the rabbits or what should I do to make sure they learne what they need to do?
  2. try to let them hunt and jump there own rabbit

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    All you need to do is let them learn on their own...they will be fine if the blood is in them
  4. do you run shock collars on young dogs to stop them from running trash? I turned one out after I saw a rabbit out by the pens, ran the rabbit off then went and got the pup and walked her over there, she hit on him and hunted pretty hard on him. she olny gave mouth when she first hit on him and when she made him move, then she opened on him but couldn't hold it long. Since I have no other rabbit dogs right now I just want to make sure I do this right
  5. i use them on my young dog
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    You are doing good with the young dogs. Just remember, The more you run the pups the more they will learn. Keep turning them loose ONE at a time and then turn them loose together and see how they run. They should improve a little everytime out.

    Good Luck and Enjoy.
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    All good advice. I am starting 3 young dogs. I only run them with on older dog once a week (helps them have fun) Your puppies will learn to do there own work if you run them by there self. Keep it fun for them and they will get

    If you have shock collars you could put them on the dogs to tone train them if that is the direction you are going to take.
  8. How do ya'll train your pups with the shock collars???
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    more exposer the better they will be
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    keep running them and they will continue to improve.