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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Preacher Wilson, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. my first beagles since i was a kid.. bought them at 6 weeks old..ive had them a week and a half and work with them everyday with my kids.(makes me feel like a kid again!) even talked my dad into gettin a pup again!
    ...lettin them sniff around in the brush
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    i HERE YA PREACHER,Congrats on some good looking puppies,wish you the best of luck with them,keep us updated on there progress,
    God Bless,

  3. Echo Hill's

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    Nothing like kids and beagle pups.... Keep them together and can't much go wrong.. Enjoy them while they are still there with you... They both grow up so fast .
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    Hang on to that picture preacher it's a good one. The boy with his pups. That's what it's all about. Good luck with the pups too!

  5. thanks for all the nice comments.....i'm proud of them all:D 10 year old daughter also likes to work with them, and she's showing interest in guns..but just cant seem to put it all together and actually shoot a "poor little rabbit" i'll keep ya'll posted on the pup's progress...i'm hoping the pics i post of next season will speak for themselves!

    thanks again,
  6. Truly some beautiful pups. Anybody would be proud of those. Can"t wait till next year to see em posted on here with a tailgate full of rabbits.
  7. those are some good looking pups what is the breeding
  8. honestly, not sure, i bought them from an ole boy that lives down around zinc(bergman) arkansas area...he's well known around here for breedin hunting beagles for years. he doesnt carry papers on them, but neither do alot of the beaglers around here. he's got a litter out of a bluetick gyp, not related to these pups with one little female chocolate tri-color like my male...think i may talk the wife into letting me get her...make for some good lookin pups.