My new Blackcreek Female

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  1. Today I picked up my new Blackcreek female. I bought her from Mark Dorsey of DeQueen, AR. I enjoyed visiting with Mark. He is a hell of a nice man and he gave me a money back guarantee that if I was not happy with the dog that he would buy her back for a full refund. I think that is how a man should stand behind his dogs. I am new to the Blackcreek breed; I own the Blue Diamond breed. I am excited about adding her to my pack. I would recommend Mark Dorsey to anyone and I am looking forward to hunting and doing business with him in the future. :D
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    Good luck with your new pup. :up:


  3. Thanks

    Thanks, shes almost 8 months old and is very well started. I am very excited about getting here and looking forward to breeding here to my blue diamond male someday.
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    Hope she works out for you.

    Ive never met Mark but Ive talked to him on the phone a few times and he seemed like a stand up guy.
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    good luck with your pup
  6. I met mark and talk to him on the phone I like mark I sold him a pup he will do you right
  7. I hope she is what your looking for .if you find anything you don't like about her just let me know.I look forward to running some dogs with you sometime.
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    I think I saw hher on his website. Pretty pup
  9. Yep

    Yep, that was her, her name is jancy.
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    What is she out off? Do you have his website? Thanks
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    Never mind. I was thinking of the wrong dog. There was a blackcreek gyp a guy was wanting to trade on Ark hunting. Nice dog though looked her up, and she sure is a looker.