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My two female bluetick pups turned a year old today fellas I’m beyond proud of them. Lol there my girls watching a pup grow from 6 weeks old till now and training them along the way has been an awesome experience. Lords will I’ll raise some pups out of these females in the future.

Fern- the bigger of the two is a bulky hard headed big bawl mouth rabbit running machine she picks up a ton of checks. And jumps her share. If she gets two far from me she will howl when I holler for her until she gets back. Lol
Her downfall (it’s funny) she sometimes while hunting will sit down on her backside for like 5-10 seconds and look around then she will get back up and go hardcore after it.

Willow- smaller of the two she’s Ms independent she ventures out and jumps a ton of rabbits by staying constantly busy. When she returns to me after calling her in she grunts and whines wanting me to pet her and tell her how good she is. Lol
Her downfall she has a pretty weak mouth mostly yipping and grunting with the occasional bawl.

there great hounds and to be a year old there doing amazingI can’t wait to see them this time next year.
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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