mossberg 500, .410ga

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  1. i bought me a new gun for rabbit/squirrel this past weekend. a mossberg 500 in .410 ga. with 24 inch barrel,fullchoke. ive always hunted small critters with either 22's or 12 gauges. but, sometimes i feel like 12ga might just be too much gun. apart from my son's rossi youth 410 ive never owned one. i havent shot mine yet. anyone else out there have any experience with this gun? i think its gonna make a real fine rabbit gun...i hope to put it to good use next season:D
  2. my bro in law just bought one, he hates it, I liked it. (He can't shoot). He was having trouble with the federal shells not working in it very well. I gave him some of my winchester super x and he said they worked fine. That being said, I shoot a model 9410, and it is by far the best rabbit gun in the world. I don't think you can go wrong with a .410, just buy the shells by the case because they get hard to find about mid January. Aim for the head. (aim small miss small) they shoot very tight. very very tight.

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    "Aim Small Miss Small" and don't shoot Federal shells. Now I got it. Thanks Blev. :up:

  4. Ya, I guess I shouldda told you that before season huh? Oh yeah Reverend, don't fall down in the mud and use your shotgun to break your fall, it will only warp the barrel.