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Discussion in 'AKC' started by Bglenut, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Terry Nelson wrote :

    I would like to invite all you fellows who still need to get them good derbies qualified to come to our derby trial Sat. April 10. We will run all classes on Sat. and it will be at our enclosures in Newton, MS. The GPS address is 9175 hwy 15 north, Newton, MS 39345 I will post the judges later. We will have coffee, donuts, and sausage biscuts for breakfast and lunch will be served also. This will be a DSBGF and Southern States qualifier.

    Thanks for reading.

    Terry Nelson
  2. Bglenut

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    These are the judges we have as of now:

    13'' females, Chris Knotts - Derek Reno

    13'' males, Mike Brinkly and ?? Had a cancell

    15'' females, Dan Nelson - Gary Morman

    15'' males, Bubba Seiger - Brandon Johnson

    Looking for a 13'' Male judge if anyone wants to help call me at 601-479-8441. Thanks!

    See yall Saturday.

    Terry Nelson
    Hardtimes Kennel

  3. beagleman01

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    i need to come watch one of these
  4. rosco

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    I think Brandon and I are comming.
    I need to show a dg to your friend Robert G. while we are there.
  5. Bglenut

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    I wish I could make it, but I have something to do with my nephew. He is raceing his Pinewood Derby car in the State Championship for his age group in Boyscouts. I helped him build the car and he wants me there.

    Yall have fun and Robert is the friend I was talking about that is looking for another male. Robert is a good guy and knows a great hound.

    Good luck at the Derby and have fun and enjoy.
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    Looks like I am on little bitches.....
  7. HunterMS

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    Looks like you had to reach down in the bottom of the barrel to get two of the judges for the two 13" classes. Not calling any names, but I will say I'm not referring to Mr. Reno and ??. LOL.
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    Wish I could help you out, but will be 30 miles down the road at a baseball field.