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Mid Ark Beagle Club Gundog Pack Field Trial

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We will have one trial on Saturday March, 6, 2010 and another trial on Sunday March 7, 2010.

Both trials will be held at the Wylie Cox Field Trial Area on Ed Gordon/Point Remove WMA near Morrilton, Ar.

If youve never been to a field trial before this would be a good one to come see what its about. At the very least youll get to see some dogs run and meet other beaglers.

Hope to see you there.
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Theyre pretty similar. Alot of the dogs that run in this format are spo bloodlines like Otis, Shorts, Junction Hill, etc.

You can read the rules here: http://arha.com/gundogdivision/gdd_frameset.htm

Some people have the wrong idea about the ARHA. They hear that and think wild running dogs and that isnt necessarily the case. They have different formats for different style dogs.

A smooth running dog that doesnt get too far off the line or too far out in the check area will do pretty good in GDP. Head bangers that fight for the front or over run too much and cause alot of breakdowns usually get picked up pretty quick.

I only started trialing a few years ago but its a lot of fun if you dont take it too seriously or feel like you have to win every one to enjoy it. You get to meet other beaglers and watch different dogs from different lines run and it gives you something to do in the off season when rabbit season isnt open. :up:
This one is still a month away but I wanted to remind everybody about it.

Game and Fish is letting us use a bigger area this time and we should have plenty of rabbits.

Come on out and see if you like the format. At worst youll meet some new folks, get a good meal, and get to watch some good dogs work.
Can anyone run and how much does it cost?
Anyone can run as long as your dog is ARHA registered (you can do this at the hunt) and you pay the entry fee.

Theyre an open registry so the dogs dont have to be AKC registered.

Its $18 to register the dog and itll probably be $15 for the trial.

All dogs are measured before the hunt and theyre divided into 13" combined and 15" combined.

Trophies and win slips will be given for 1st thru 5th in each class and there will also be a bench show that you can enter for $5.

I know your familiar with trialing but some arent so Ill add that each cast will have two judges and a marshal. Handlers/spectators are allowed to follow the dogs and watch what you can as long as you stay behind the marshal and dont crowd the dogs too much.

I/we are working on having a few items for a raffle. This is a brand new club with a format that is new to Arkansas and we need members to make it work so the bigger the turnout the better.
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hey freddie i may try to come sunday will be in neelyville that sat. reg is 18 dollars now

Hope you can make it and thanks for reminding me of the increase.
I hope some of you Blackcreek guys will come down. Id really like to watch some of those dogs run.

Nothing official yet but hopefully the NKC is going to do a one time reduction in the cost of registration to help get the club up and running.

There are motels in Morrilton if anyone wants to stay overnight and attend both trials.
Freddy do you know of any Motels that are nice but reasonable as close to the grounds as possible. I like to back my truck up to the door. How far is Morrilton from the running grounds?
Sorry for the late reply but Morrilton is about 10 miles, maybe a little less, from the clubhouse.

I dont know of any motels myself but Crofford might since he lives over that way.

I dont know what its gonna end up costing me yet :smack: but my wife has agreed to come out Saturday and fix lunch. Im not sure what the menu is but you can tell me by lookin' at me that she can cook so Im sure itll be good.

Sunday I think we're gonna have bbq sandwiches.

Any of you club members that can bring a dessert of some kind, please do so.

The NKC has agreed to lower the cost of registering to half price for this weekend as long as you enter the dog in the trial. Thats a pretty big savings there especially if you had planned to bring more than one dog which is what I usually try to do anyway. It costs just as much for gas etc. so it doesnt hurt to bring some extra bullets. :wink:

The weather is supposed to be pretty close to perfect for something like this with highs in the upper 50's and only a slight chance of rain Saturday. :thumb:
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Their are 2 motels that you can pull right up to the door. Both are about 8-10 miles from the clubhouse and are both right off the interstate. One I know is a Days Inn the other I believe is a Scottish Inn
Entries close at 7:30 so you need to be in line before then.
Freddie.... Missi and I are traveling to Little Rock Sunday to watch my daughter dance in competition... May leave a bit early so we can swing in there and say hi to you folks... have a cup of Java and visit before fisrt cast... if time permits perhaps walk the gallery in first out. Is the entry deadline 7:30 Sunday as well... do you have a feel for the attandance Saturday vs. Sunday.


Dennis & Missi
Yes, it will be 7:30 Sunday also and we'd be glad to have you.

As far as attendance, Im pretty sure Sunday's will be smaller but how many show up Saturday is anybody's guess especially with it being a brand new club and a new format to the area.

I know we've got people coming from Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma and Ive had several calls from Arkansas asking about the format, etc. I told my wife to plan a meal for 20-25 people but like I said before, thats just a guess.
Okay... I have to work tomorrow morning otherwise I would be there... I did not realize Sunday was on the schedule as well... we will swing by then.
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