Mid Ark Beagle Club ( Directions ) Please

Discussion in 'NKC' started by RKW, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. RKW

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    I need directions to the club in case I can go.

    Thanks, Roger
  2. Directions to club house

    From I-40
    Go to Morrilton and take exit 107
    Turn onto Hwy.95 North and go 6.5 miles to Hwy. 213
    Turn left onto Hwy. 213 towards Hattieville and go 3.5 miles
    There will be a sign for Lake Cargill Public Access turn left onto gravel road just past the sign and go 1.5 miles to the fork in the road.
    Stay right at the fork and go 1/2 mile to the club house on the left ( Wylie Cox Field Trail Area )

  3. RKW

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    Thanks James mac those directions sound pretty simple. I hope I can make it there to meet some of you guys and see the hounds run.

  4. RKW

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    I was looking on google earth and wondered if the gravel road off of HWY 213 known as Hunting Club Road?

  5. FB

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    I dont know if thats the name of the road or not but its pretty well marked. There is a big game and fish sign if I remember right.