mice around kennels?

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    What can you put out for mice that wont harm a dog if they happen to eat one?

    I found one in a self feeder today and and another one in a water bucket.
  2. In our barn when we had mice we would take a 2x2 cut it about 4 inches long, 2 pieces, and cut a "v" in the bottom of both pieces. Then drill a hole in the ends 1/8 diameter. Take a steel rod 1/8 diameter with a soda can in the middle of it and press it into the 2x2 Place this over a 55 gallon drum with a little water in it, and put some peanut butter on the soda can. The mice will crawl o ut to eat the peanut butter and the can will then roll, and the mice will drown. Works over and over and over.:up:

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    Thanks for the idea DBlevins. I'm going to try this. I have rat trouble too. They burrow under the concrete and raise. They come out at night and crap in the water pans. I have a cat that gets some but she don't get them all. I also attach a wire cage to the pen with a rat trap in it. I some alot this way.
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    Get you a piece of pvc 2" or so and 3' in length and put a bag of Havoc rat poison in the middle. Check it regular as the rodents will carry it off to store or consume. Haven't found anything that works better than Havok. I keep it out year round. Every once in a while its good to switch your poison.
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    Can a dog get a big enough dose of it to hurt him if he happened to eat a mouse that had eaten some of the poison?
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    That is what scares me about posion
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    Me too. I had a really big wooden doghouse in one of my pens that was starting to rot and needed to be replaced. I finally got around to doing it yesterday and when I moved it there must have been 20 mice take off from under it. :hair:

    My pens are right next to some woods so I always have a steady supply of mice around em. :smack:
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    My pens are next to a grass patch. I believe anywhere you have feed you will have mice.
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    dblevens could you post a picture of the contraption:headscratch:
  11. I ain't got one around. Haven't built one in several years. basically, all you do is build a bridge across the barrel with a rod about 1/4 inch or so in diameter, and put a soda can in the middle. The 2x2 has a groove on the bottom so that it will sit on the lip of the barrel on each end of the rod, the rod goes through the can so that it will spin on it, and you put the peanut butter on the can to attract them. When they reach the can, they will fall off as it turns on the rod. Sorry that I cant get a pic. I hope I don't need any of these.:razz:
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    Who owns the patten on this thing ?

    We could all quiet our day jobs and be rich.
    Marcel Ledbetter could be our spokes man.

    The cash would just roll in.
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    I dont know, I give up.
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    Same idea as blevins, but we use a 5 gallon bucket, a dial rod, and a peanut butter jar. Most people put anti-freeze in the bucket, because the mice will not rot and there is no odor. Everyone up here uses them at their hunting camps to keep the mice down.
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    Give us an update on the mice.
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    I've still got em. I've been thinking about one of the contraptions they've described but haven't gotten around to trying to make one yet.

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    Get that thing made.
    If it works we will go into buisness.
    I am collecting peanut butter and 5 gallon buckets already.

    I am going with Jiff. Maybe throw in some Bama jelly for southern mice.
  18. I have a pair of cats that live in my barn. They sleep with the dogs and I never see a mouse. I try to have the same plan with both, if they don't hunt they don't stay.
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    this is how we do them
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