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I like the site and you have some nice lookin' dogs. :thumb:
Wow, what a nice looking pack of beagle hounds.:thumb:
How's that oddball :razz: looking female bred?
Heard some good stuff about that Cody dog today. Was glad to hear it. I own Major League.
Great Site and Great looking hounds and some older bloodline up close on some of them females.

Let me know when you have something for sale. I amm looking for a few females to breed to my male " FC Briarcreek Major Pain" or another male "FC Briarcreek Little Droopy"

David N. Riley II - Bglenut
Briarcreek Beagles
Madison, Ms

[email protected]

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nicesite Mark.also some good looken hounds kinda look like some mine. LOL, you`ve done a fine job bring them along
thanks guy's yea cody is making a heck of a good dog.and robbie these things do look alot like your dogs don't they:up:
Nice Website Dorsey. Good looking dogs too!

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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