maternal grandsire effect?

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    I think the relationship between dogs in a pedigree is determined by their similarities of their genes or biological makeup and not by their heritage. Some people say that a pup get's 50 percent from sire and 50 percent from dam, or 40/60 however way you look at it. And grandparents contribute 25 percent apiece. But i dont see it that way, take for example a full sister can be more closely related GENETICALLY to one litter mate than to another if they share more of the same genes. In theory any grandparent could contribute as much as fifty percent or as little as nothing. I have seen in human family's a grandchild that looked and acted more like one of their grandparent's than they did their on parents. So genetically this grandchild was more related to that one grandparent than the other grandchildren were.

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    FB, Am I understanding this right. Lets say that since my female's sire is FC Bullock's Creek Hoss his dominate traits along with some of hers will be as prominate as whatever stud dog I choose for her. This is an interesting study. I've never seen a three eared dog have you?

    What is this study telling us about line breeding?

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    Very interesting article thats why you never wont to let those good females get away
  5. It depends on which one is more line breed or inbreed..that one generally will dominate.
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    The study does not include 1 important factor. A good handler.

    A handler can ruin a good dog or make a fc out of someones cull.

    If the hunt and foot and nose is there.
  7. A handler can ruin a dog, but if the genetics are not there you can't replace a dogs DNA, and a experienced handler or hunter knows there is no need wasting time in an attempt to prove it is the handler and not the genetics.You can't force a dog to hunt nor can you add olfactory glands to its nose to make it more able to smell its game.Which you acknowledge in your last sentence,which in reality even you know you can't make an FC out of a cull!!The truth is what anyone wants it to be,but the facts still remain the facts.
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    I am luckey if I don't ruin a good dog.
    I have saw a true trainer fix my dog in 3 hours.
    I could not fix him in 3 weeks.

    Check out the story of Robs Diamond ii