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Maps for the Alpha 300/300i Explained - OKIE DOG SUPPLY

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We are being told social media posts state the huntview maps will NOT work in the Alpha 300/300i. This is incorrect.

The huntview maps currently sold WILL WORK in the 300/300i. What HAS changed, is Birdseye Satellite. It is now called Outdoor Maps+. It is a subscription for $49.99 that you would subscribe to (if you want) and it will download to the 300/300i. It provides satellite imagery, is 'regularly' updated (the term 'regularly' is not defined in terms of time). It provides imagery for all 50 states.

If you choose not to subscribe to the Outdoor Maps+, that's fine - you can use the Huntview Plus map OR you can just use the topo map installed on the Alpha right out of the box which does not have satellite imagery.

Here is the information on the Outdoor Maps+:
With Outdoor Maps+, you have access to a wide variety of premium mapping content covering all 50 U.S. states that is regularly updated and delivered directly to your compatible Garmin device via Wi-Fi® connectivity.

Multiple map layers let you view elevation contours, land boundaries, wildlife areas and more.

Easy Wi-Fi downloads deliver fresh map data directly to your Garmin device.

Content is regularly updated and expanded to keep you tracking with the latest information.

We look forward to hearing from you - we always appreciate your support at Okie Dog Supply.

Keep'Em Runnin,
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I purchased my card 10/2021 for my 200.Will it work in the 300?
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I purchased my card 10/2021 for my 200.Will it work in the 300? View attachment 66007
Yes it will
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