Major bred young dogs FOR SALE!

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    1. He is double mated, a this years derby, tri color and will end up being probably around 14 1/2. He was born in May of this year and he has been running a couple of weeks. All he needs is tracks. Head down chop. He is off of NSPC FC Barnes' Blackwater Creek Major and FC Center Point Sugar. Handles good. $400

    2. Two big males that will be next years derbies. They are off of two of my good young dogs. Line bred Major pups. They are off of Thrasher (NSPC FC Barnes' Blackwater Creek Major X FC A&W Just Say Hey) and Lacey ( NSPC FC Major X FCGD Center Point Echo). All of these pups grandparents r National Champions. Very well bred pups. Ready to start. Both are tri color and very bold and friendly! $300 each

    3. Also have two super nice looking females off of the above cross that r borderline right now but may go big. Also very bold. $400 each

    ** I can deliver them to Tarheel this weekend in North Carolina if needed. Call or text Ricky at 912-339-0727. Do not have any pics of these dogs yet but can take some this evening. They are all nice looking dogs with straight legs and good bites!
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    Guys these dogs are bred very well and there will not be any more pups straight off of Major! These are some very friendly and good looking pups also!!