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    Hey Mack,
    I was looking on your site earlier and really liked the looks and the breeding on one of your little males I believe it was the klondike dog. How old is he? and what is his running style? have you ever trialed him? Sorry to ask so many questions.
  2. MackC

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    Klondike is this years derby. I bought him at Christmas from a guy in Indiana to use in my breeding program. He was just well started when I bought him, I hunted him pretty heavy the rest of the season with my all age dogs. He is what I consider a medium fast. He looks good after about an hour of running. Having to compete with aged dogs and getting rabbit fur in his mouth has made him a little rough for SPO trials. I entered him in an SPO derby trial a couple of weeks ago and got picked up pretty quick. I am since going to just solo him for awhile and let him really learn how to run a rabbit. Make no mistake, when he's good he's real good, he just needs to mature. I do plan on breeding a couple of females to him this spring. Thanks for asking.