Mack Truck big female 2020 derby

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    Really nice female. When I bought her, she measured 12 3/4, and she has since gone big. She now measures around 13 1/2. I don’t run big, so I have decided to let her go. She has great line flow and a good nose. She squalls out of a check and then rolls into a chop on the track. No extra mouth. No racing. She will slot and run anywhere in the pack. I believe with some solo time, she could be competitive where they like a clean dog. She is a little bit sensitive to a collar. She does not have to be shocked. Tone is all it takes for her. She turned down two deer last weekend that jumped up right in front of her and three other dogs while working out a check. I really wish this one had stayed small!!! Price is $500 Call or text at 662-448-0833. If you call, please leave a message. I do not answer numbers I don’t know. Before anyone asks, I don’t have any video of her running. I tried to video last weekend, but it was too thick to see anything. I’m glad for you to either watch her run or I can give references. 5FA92C63-791A-4323-992A-D953B948C069.jpeg 6B3D133D-E20B-440B-B960-69079CDB4D34.jpeg
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    Nice Looking dog. Very well bred hound.


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    She is sold pending pick-up. Thanks for all the calls and text messages!