Louisiana Rabbit Hunters!!!

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    Update : John Wrote :

    There will be a meeting held Monday, March 15 at Bergeron's in Port Allen, La. (Hwy 415) at 6pm.. The meeting is to try and start a Louisiana Rabbit Hunter's Federation to help combat the state wanting extend the deer (gun hunting) season into Febuary starting next year. Plus, in the future it may help with other anti dog hunting issues that may come about.

    If any one needs more information you can e mail me at [email protected].

    We need to stand together on this issue and save what little bit of time we can run dogs after the deer season. It is time other hunters besides to the deer and turkey hunters had a say. Please spread the word to others that rabbit hunt but do not use this board.

    Jon Randolph


    Here is the post : http://espomagazine.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=27392
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    Can you run deer dogs in Louisiana?

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    No idea - I know you can in Mississippi.
  4. Yes, certain areas in the state have a deer dog season, typically the second split.
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    Can you run rabbits in La. during deer season?
  6. You can run rabbits during deer season, most land owners do not like it. We usually hunt after season closes. Some hunting clubs run dogs on deer, can rabbit hunt on these.