Lost a good neighbor yesterday

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Grizzly creek beagles, Jul 10, 2020.

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    Just found out this evening that my neighbor passed away suddenly yesterday from cardiac arrest. He was my automotive Vo-tech teacher back in high school my junior and senior years, my younger brother and one of my cousin’s also had his class. So he had to put up with three of us “Damn Mulkey boys” as he always referred to it. Then when we bought our house 16 yrs ago we found out that they lived across the street from us so they’ve watched my kids grow up too. Him and his wife have become very good friends over the last 16 yrs. He was in the Marine Corp out of high school and then later became a teacher for 30 years. He loved teaching and the man could fix just about anything. Lol
    He had no health issues so this was totally unexpected.
    Asking for prayers for his wife and son’s through his untimely passing
  2. huntahill

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    Praying for his family, sorry for the loss of your dear friend Grizz!

  3. Curnel

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    Sorry for your loss will be praying for the family
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    Me too.... I'll be praying for his comforting spirit
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    My prayers for his family and loved ones . He sounds like a special person .

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    Sorry Grizz! It’s never easy to loose a good friend and mentor. Praying for his family and friends.
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    Prayers going up Griz!! GOD definitely gives that peace that surpasses all our understanding!!
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    Sorry for your loss grizz. This fine man's work here is done. Praise God for all the great people he puts in our lives to help shape us into who we are! Praying for you and his family.
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    Prayers for the family and yours
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    Prayers for the community, family and friends, God brings us through times like this... Teachers are special people in our lives... the good ones you never forget.
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    I think the unexpected losts are the hardest to handle but God's comfort is greater.
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    Sorry for your loss , I’m close with a lot of neighbors they call me MacGyver I fix their mowers , Chainsaws, washing machines , hot water tanks , little wiring here and there Even help paint interior of their house and other odd jobs , to brake jobs on their cars and change oil ... they pay Me with beers and food sometimes give me old tools I have a love for antique tools and old electrical motors and stuff ....they are mostly older folks I help saved them a lot money and time .... it’s a shame I’m still young I got a lot miles left on me to go but I know someday I’ll have put on suit and go to their funerals To pay my respect sometimes my neighbors feel like real close family to me

    forgot to mention your neighbor sounds alot like me can fix a lot things , I would of loved to meet your neighbor I’m a lot like him I tinker around with a lot stuff and fix things only thing I DON’T know is welding ! Someday I want to learn how to weld badly mostly stick welding , basic welding, my oldest son is like me I passed my genes onto him ... I always told him if the ladies find you ugly ? At least they’ll find you handy ! I told that how his mother found me , ladies can’t resist a handy guy ...!
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