Looking for 3 year or older female

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by ALbeagler, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. ALbeagler

    ALbeagler New Member

    I'm looking for finished females. Medium to medium upper speed, good hunt, and registered. Open to any size. Preferred bluetick but not a requirement. 7065189110
  2. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Active Member

    If $500 is not to much give me a call. I live in middle Tennessee just off of I-24 between Nashville and Chattanooga.

    Larry Dunn

  3. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Active Member

    I guess $500 for a quality young well bred female is too much. I gave $800 and have over $1000 in her now. I bought her to field trial but she is too easy for that. Just goes to prove the point that brother Will made the other day about beagle prices. Had a guy call me yesterday. He was interested in buying the right dog for hunting rabbits. Told him all about her on the phone. Sent him pictures. He called back and wanted a video. I told him I didnt have one. Havent heard from him since. I guess he dont understand that videos can be doctored and show only the good parts of a run. Oh well!!!
  4. will messer

    will messer Site Sponsor Staff Member

    I spent a week answering questions and phone calls to eastern ky--4-5 hours away about a dog I priced at 350. Her only faults--crapping in the feed bowl and trying to take the feed cup at feed time. THAT GUY told me--"bring her over here and we will run her on my grounds and if I like her I will buy her!!" ;-)

    I was stunned!!! I told him just find a dog over there--buy it and send me the bill---it would be cheaper for me that way.....lol~smh
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  5. ALbeagler

    ALbeagler New Member

    Sorry I haven't been on here in awhile been trying to train a pup. I don't mind paying good money for a good dog ive just been busy Larry.
  6. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Active Member

    Apology accepted. It happens. I have someone who is coming to get her.