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  1. Anybody ever find anything cool while walkin down a fencerow, crossing a field? Maybe an arrowhead here and there? Found a leatherman one time.
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    I was driving to look at some property years ago and had to stop on the way to let my son use the bathroom. We were on a clay gravel road and when he finished I noticed something white on the ground that he had washed off. It was a white Arrowhead almost 3" long in perfect condition. I never would have seen it in that red clay if he had not hosed it down. lol :up::thankyou:


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    We were hunting around this old home place one time and one of my buddies found an old revolver like really old probably been there for years
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    I went to a ranch in Texas several years ago to bowhunt for hogs and found a Bushnell rangefinder laying in a path to one of the stands, case and all. I asked the guy that owned the ranch if one of the previous hunters had mentioned losing one and he said no and that I should just keep it so I did and am still using it today.
  5. You won't believe what I found today. I was driving to a spot and seen a beagle dog running down a fence row toward me. I thought I would stop and check the collar so I could call the owner. When she came up to me I reached down and read the name and couldn't believe my eyes. It was my name address and number. :headscratch: I gave a fella a couple of puppies back in June of '08. Told him to mail me the collarsl. Obviously he never did. He lived somewhere in Caraway, thats like 30 or 40 miles away. Now I have absoulely no way of contacting him, don't even remember his name, I guess I'll call the guy on the collar and see if he will come get her.