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    Does anyone on this forum run any of the blood form the Little Ireland Hounds that Tom Dornin(sp) started, or know of hounds from that line? Just wondering what you thought about that line and what some characteristics are. I have notice that New City Cruiser and Indian Hills Majer are prevalent in the pedigrees. I believe they were suppose to be good producers. Thanks for your help.
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    Many years ago when I first got into registered dogs I contacted Tom Dornin after reading an add in better beagling. He replied back to me in a 3 page letter and several pedigrees of his dogs. He was very helpful and polite. His dogs were never trialed much that I know of. Not sure if they would or not. His only concern at the time was saving the beagle as a hunting companion. The modern brace was ruining the breed in his words. Due to the distance and cost of shipping I wasn't able to purchase any of his hounds.

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    I've owned several Little Ireland Hounds. I owned a bitch by Little Irelands Binkey X Little Irelands Bebe (1975). She was a fine running bitch that probably could have finished in todays Progressive Pack Trials. I owned four of five more but none were as good as the first.
    I visited and talked to Tom Dornin many times. He was dedicated to his beagles. However, he was handicapped, bad emphysema, and had trouble getting around. IMO, this handicap, and his limited time with beagles prevented him from ever truly developing a strain of dogs.
    There once was a Beagler named Joe West in Pennsylvania who seemed to be very found of the Little Ireland Hounds. He posted frequently on the ESPO Board but I haven't seen him post in several years. Myabe Bev who owns that board could help.
    I would not be too concerned about a line of hounds whose founder has been dead about twenty five years.
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    Tim Hackworth,of Woodpont Kennels knew Tom Dornin very well and was very involved with his breed.If you are going to find any Little Ireland still in any bloodlines today it will be in his.He has crossed it in with his Woodpont hounds which are primarily New City and Northway as well as some others.You wont find any Branko in Tims hounds,for as much as Dornin did not like the Brace hounds(and rightfully so)Hackworth does not like the modern Branko style AKC Midwest,ARHA littlepack style rush,check and loss type hound.He has a website Woodpont,with a history of his breeding,a blog and his philosophy on todays beagle and breeding,and he is more knowledgable about breeding and bloodlines than most. Vic
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    I think most of you are right...I read his book and all of his dogs had to hunt or he would not breed them
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    My old Bucky dog has some Little Ireland blood in him but i've never ran across anybody that knew anything about that bloodline. Until now. He also has Gay and Stubby in him. He is not very fast but I wouldn't give him for any others that I own. He is 100% rabbit dog. There is a picture of him on the picture and video forum.
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    I bought a 18 month old male from Tim Hackworth that I think is going to be very good. He is very knowledgeable about these hounds and I really like the pedigree on this dog. I appreciate the help.
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    Dennis and Missi Detar have two Woodpont males and a young female. Nice hounds!