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  1. As you will probably guess as I comment on various subjects, and post new threads, I'm quite new to the sport.

    I have read about line control (tight, etc.). I would like to get various views on #1: what 'line control involves' #2: the advantages and disadvantages of holding, and casting for line (during checks, and during holding) :headscratch:
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    The ARHA rule book defines it as accuracy in trailing.

    Dogs with good line control will make most turns that the rabbit does and will have fewer checks and breakdowns than dogs that over run and have to come back and look for the line again. Its all in what style of dog you prefer. Some like that kind of dog and some wouldnt own one.

  3. I appreciate your explaination. I am planning on creating a tracking area that I intend to lay scent on (real conditions, real woods). I hope to create it so that there are plenty of checks and obsticles, as well as cross-trails with older scent. If it works out as I hope, I will be able to analyse under controlled conditions, the nature of Sonny's style.

    What do any of you reading this post think of this plan:headscratch:
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    I would just keep watching your dog run. Watch the rabbit and not the dog, then wait for the dog to follow. You may teach bad habbits by playing with fake scent. I have seen dogs that have good line control and bad line control depending on conditions. Also everybody in different formats have different definitions on what line control is. Its more of an interpretation art form than a science at times. JMO
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    Hi van I wouldn't fart around with dragging sent lines. I really don't thing it's natural. Like the other gentelman said just watch the rabbit, and watch your dog you'll be able to tell what he's doing. Dragging sent on a line seems to me sent would get weeker the further you go.
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    If your dog is started and running wild rabbits I wouldnt bother with laying a scent trail.