Lilly Creek

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    Can anyone tell me what the "Lilly Creek" dogs go back to? I have a female with several Lilly creek dogs in her pedigree.
  2. what is your dogs sire and dam names?

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    If you go my website and open up the pedigree of "Rowe's Bonnie". You will see some Lilly Creek hounds in her pedigree. I have been doing some research. Appears like Lilly Creek dogs may have been owned by a man that had several different influences in his dogs. I found some with Gunsmoke, some with Weir Creek, some with Old brace dogs, etc.... My Bonnie dog runs a little above medium, has good hunt and good rabbit sense with a True mouth. Not a real standout dog but a nice dog. Any infomation on Lilly Creek or who started them is appreciated.