Lets hear a report on the trial at Ed Gordon

Discussion in 'NKC' started by Jeff Gammon, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Jeff Gammon

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    Some of you guys that went give us a rundown
  2. FB

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    We had 27 dogs Saturday which we thought was good and had 14 on Sunday. Attendance almost always drops on Sunday so we expected a smaller turnout then, plus we had some people come that didnt really have the style dogs we were looking for. Some of them had some pretty good dogs, they just didnt fit this format.

    We had people from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.

    The running was really good Saturday and Sunday mornings but Saturday after lunch it was pretty tough jumping a rabbit.

    Overall things went pretty smooth especially for it to be our first club hunt and the first trial of this type in the state. I think its gonna go over pretty well though. I also think a few people were a little suprised at just how close and clean a dog had to be to stay on the ground.

  3. beagleman01

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    congrats to the winners
  4. Missi and I made it Sunday... did not bring my hounds as I would have been one of those that "Did Not Fit The Format". We enjoyed meeting those that were there Sunday... hated that we could not make it Saturday... but will do our best for next time.

    I hated that the grounds had been burnt just days prior to this meet... I am sure running would have been much better for all that made the trip. but the bruch at the far ens was plenty thick hold some bunnies.

    We enjoyed the conversation... sound of hounds working a line... and the new friends that came of it.
  5. Had a good time at that trial. People seemed nice, lunch was good etc. Loved the format (much like AKC spo). I like a dog with a little more pep to their step. Guess I was one of the people with dogs that didn't fit the format.:smack: Oh well to each his own.
  6. FB

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    Yeah, there's something out there for everybody.

    Gundog, Progressive Pack, Little Pack, Large Pack, Small Pack Option, Small Pack, Brace, and thats not even counting UKC or PKC. It can be pretty confusing sometimes.
  7. Yep. Especially have to watch the SPO trials and who is judging because they are not created equal.
  8. Spini Boys

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    Its the same in every format, FB and I were talking at the trial and its just going to be that way. Some folks allow hounds to get away with more than other folks. There will never be consistancy unless one person does all the judging. As long as the judges are honest and follow the rules as close as they can. All rules are subject to interpitation therefore it will never be consistant. Thats why AKC post who is judging their trials. I myself know which ARHA judge I will do better under, and I like all the ones I have trialed under, I have just learned who likes my style hound better.