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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by BriarHound, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. I'm new to this board. I recognize a few names from some other boards, for those who don't know me here is a look at my pack. Video quality is fair.

    From the looks of some of the other videos, might need some black creek in my pack.:up:

  2. Echo Hill's

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    Welcome to the board... I'll find you a Blackcreek if you let me have the orange collar.:idea:

  3. Thank you....I'm going to hang on to him. There are a couple more in there that are close to him but he has the edge for now. He picks up most of the checks(he picked up the last one at the water) and runs the line good. He's not a jump dog though, he searchs for the line.:beagle: ..............
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    I am a Medlin also Briarhound,I am originally from Monroe N.C. been in S.C.for Jefferson that is.All my family still lives up there,still work up there every day.Might know some of my kin folks ,how about Hoyle or David Medlin thats my uncle and cousin,just wondering.any way your dogs looked pretty good to me and WELCOME to the site it is addicting HEHE!
    God Bless ,
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    Hoot's right it is pretty addicting on here, welcome to the fun. Nice video too!

  6. beagleman01

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    welcome to the board great looking hounds
  7. bglehound

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    great looking pack, and welcome to the board
  8. I live in Sampson county, I don't know the people you mentioned. Nice to meet an extended member of the Medlin family though.:D

    Thanks to everyone for the welcome.
  9. daveh

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    nice pack of hounds:up: