Last Day of the Season

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by RKW, Feb 28, 2010.

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  2. Yeah, look at him grinning ear to ear, with my shotgun in his hands. You know, you should give me one of those great looking hounds, and we'll call it even. Good job.

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    I had some bad luck Saturday, which was our next to last day of gun season. I have plenty of rabbits in the freezer and don't like the taste of them when they start rutting heavy so I decided to hunt a wma in the mountain near me and just let them run and kill one when I was finished. It is rugged but you can see some good dog work. I let them run the rabbit 2 hours before killing it. The does usually go right in and if you let them run a awhile you will only kill bucks. Well, so much for that theory, After a 2 hr. run on the same rabbit I shot a big fat doe! I didn't get to go Sunday. I Had to babysit my 3 yr old grandson. Spent the afternoon teaching him how to hold my dad's old 16 ga.
  4. That sounds like time well spent to me.:thumb:
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    We need to teach these kids more about the outdoors and less about video games.
  6. WANTED: Remote control beagle dog 27mhz, or 42mhz.
    maybe this will get my boy to go with me.:banghead:
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    How old is your son Blev?
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    nice hunt:poke:
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    nice hunt, lucky here got 1 son 14 sleeps and dreams beagles :D then youngest one could care less about them:dontknow: