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kennel smell

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ok guys what do you use to help with the smell. mine on dirt for now rake pens daily but having a little trouble with neighbors and the odor. any suggestions?

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Tim there used to be a product a product called Odor Mute that you could find at Nite Lite or Bill Boatman hunting supplies that would help. I used it years ago when I had my racoon dogs on dirt. Mine have been on concrete for years now. I spray the kennels with Clorox in a pump up sprayer and that helps sanitize and I don't really notice the smell at all this time of year. This rainy wet weather hasn't help your situation much. Slack Lime ( White Lime) helps too but I think it would be more for flies than smell.

I would be glad to come take another one or two off your hands too if that would help. lol

thanks, u are right rainy weather has not helped. glad u are enjoying her

Ive got some above ground kennels and after I scoop up the mess under them I spread some lime and that seems to work or at least help.

I dont know how it would be on their feet though if they walked around in it.

You can go to sams and pick up a product called "Odo-Ban". I mix it in a bug sprayer... every weekend when I clean old straw and such I spray the floors... edges of kennel boxes.... along the fence rail. It is what a lot of vets use in their kennels... It is an anti bacterial spray so it will kill germs and such as well.
Use LIME from the Garden Centers or Hardware Stores. Very Cheap.

Scoop out the droopings the best you can and them sprinkle Lime all over the pens. Rake in a little and then sprinkle a little more.

I hope this helps
Thought you couldnt by lime anymore, due to Meth? Maybe you can buy it in small amounts, or maybe I just herd wrong.:headscratch:
I just bought 2 bags the other day at the Hardware Store.
Southern States sells a product called Creolin mix a couple of cap fulls and some water in a pump up sprayer and spray it around the kennels it works good, when it rains the water helps bring the smell back out, just bought a bottle yesterday at 13 dollars a bottle it lasts a long time
I keep my grown dogs on concrete but the pups are out back in above ground pens.I sprinkle lime over the poo weekly and spray it at the same time.I use pine-sol mixed with some water and spray around the pen and on top of the lime to help the smell.In the summer time and after it rains the humidity gets up and the smell is worse than usual.I also use the pine-sol on the concrete floor for cleaning.
I Will Second the Odo-Ban Stuff works great.. I have Concrete with a Septic System But it is not completly finished yet so when i wash down some gets into the dirt around the edge I use the odo-ban and it seems top work great..We also use it to Sanitize the whelping area gets rid of most any bugs....
Odo-ban from Walmart excellent stuff. Use it in a 5gal pail mix after cleaning cement,throw over. Kills germs too. Then I put lime around the edges where theres run off. This works for me
I buy burn't lime from the farmers co-op it also goes by another name i don't remember. Just ask for burn't lime, they will know what your talking about.
spray with pure clorox that will get the smell gone:up:
Use hydrated lime or hot lime not the garden lime.It will knock the smell out but will have to re apply after rain.It will also help kill flea eggs,have used it for 20 years and you can get a 50 lb bag.good luck!!
I used the Odo-Ban from Sams this stuff works really good. Just think someone goes down to your dog pens and it smells like a new car! This is what I'll use from now on!
I sprayed mine down with bleech and water to kill coccidia. Then let it soak in for a day or two. Then soaked it with just water. (Dirt floors by the way.) Then I let it dry out a couple of days before I put any dogs back in. Can't smell anything now.
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