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    My kennels are approximately 25 yards from my back door. I have bark collars but usually hose training with a loud "HUSH" works during the day. For nighttime occurrences I give the HUSH command followed by a gravel rock to the tin roof of whichever kennels it lands upon. That loud strike silences everything. After that the perpetrator is identified and collar applied for the night. If not up to par, kennel barkers are short term residents for me

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    X2 There's dogs that learn quickly, some not as quick,those that stand in the kennel and bark just to hear there head rattle, usually there's nothing up there anyway they gotta go!....WILBUR
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    Really dont think it would be that hard to make just need to figure out what kind of voice activation device they use to actuate the cellanoide valves,and they probably use 24 volt.
  5. I have electricity at my Kennels so if I could construct it to work I would rather it work on 110 if possible so I don't have to worry about batteries.
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    You dont need batteries,step down transformer like a gas furnace with relays it requires 110 volt.
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    Hmmmmmm the bark sencing part is quite a bit more complicated.may need a electronic enginer lol.
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    no it's not hard to make, no it's not the perfect answer, yes, it does help a lot like at night, if you would like to know more call me at 404-308-6816
  9. Feeding at night helps alot for me. I use sportdog bark collars for stubborn dogs. I have had a few that couldn't get the bark collars understood which made it worse. They bark then when the collar shocks they howl at yelp at it so it's nonstop back and forth lol.
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    Im not gona call ya but would sure like to know more.:headscratch:
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    I use to have issues with the hounds barking at the deer , rabbits occassionally kids going by on bikes. Put up a stockade fence around perimeter of runs , and the barking all but ceased. Not much to see. The dogs were normally very quiet , but when a bear or deer cut across the grassy area , the young hounds would speak loudly. The older hounds eventually could care less.
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    If you are still looking I installed a setup in my kennel recently. It is not bark activated but works great when I push a button.
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    I don’t have much of a barking problem , but when the hounds occassionally act up at night , a blast through the kennel with 2 million candle power spot light quiets them immediately. If they start again I repeat and normally its over. I have been know to go out the back door and lob a raw potatoe on the tin roof or explode it on impact with the chainlink fence while spotlighting. The light is all thats required now. A new comer may have to experience an 80 mph potatoe exploding though the wire once to understand the light.

    Many yrs ago we had a ball valve in the bath closet that controlled the kennel water. Leaving a pulsating lawn sprinkler set up by the the cages and being able to turn that water as needed Worked wonders. Instantly quiet.
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    I've seen the kennel silencer hose system in action & it works great. One new dog barked & the hole kennel was in there box before the water hit one of them.
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    I am a retire telephone guy. Back when we had dial up internet, we had a second phone line for the computer. I used it to control the dogs at night if they started to bark. I hooked the line to a 110v relay that was used to power a bell in factory. It was activated by the phone ringing. I took the relay and hooked it up to the second phone line. I hooked the relay to a washing machine solenoid. When the dogs started barking at night I would just dial the second number and they got sprayed and never had to get out bed. Those dog learned to hate telemarketers, lol. We have high speed internet now and I got rid of the second line. I had to add a ringing generator that mimics the phone ringing. I made a button that looks like a suicide bomber button that activates the ringing generator. The button is wired to phone cord that can be plugged in to different place in the house. This works nicer at night when I am in bed. I just have to roll over and push the button. When I had the second line hooked up I could use it anywhere. If I was outside and they saw me and started barking I could just dial up the number with my cell phone and they would get wet. It didn't take them long to learn not to bark.
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    I have had problems with barking but have it under control now. My kennels are about 75 yards from my bedroom window. I live about a half mile off the road and have a fair amount of game around. Currently have 17 dogs. The first thing I noticed was that at night my dogs would return bark to other dogs barking and I have a kennel of deer hounds right up the road. A radio playing 24/7 at the kennel took care of that problem. For the game problem I installed sprinkler heads one per each two runs. Found a wireless remote switch for $35 that works great at 100 yards. The switch will take up to 110v. I am using a 48v transformer from a sprinkler system and one sprinkler selinoid valve to run 4 heads. Simple and inexpensive to install and works great.
  17. I have had one of these for years and they work. Give them a call. I have sent mine in for repair twice and were really nice to work with. Very helpful. You could build your own if you are able to buy the material and smarter than me.