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  1. Do any of you have issues with dogs barking in kennel all hours of night for absolutely no reason?
    If you did but don't anymore what did you do to keep them quiet?
    Homemade/store bought devices that controls etc...

    I have between 2 and 4 dogs in a kennel so I am interested in other options besides a bark collar.
    Thanks in advance
  2. I bought the garmin barklimiters and they have done great. I bought one and put it on my noisiest dog. Then eventually bought a second and so on. I have 4 now and have 6 dogs. Okie dog usually runs a sale on them where you can get the rechargeable ones for the price of the battery ones.

  3. I only have 23 dogs so that is why I was hoping to find a remedy that didn't have to be bought for each dog.
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    Only other method I know of is hose
  5. Dogbone,

    Trying to identify what's causing the barking is best. Dogs should not bark for no reason....hungry, thirsty, bored, intruders, lack of exercise.....when i run my dogs regularly they don't bark. If you don't have time to exercise them daily look for other options like exercise pen or have the local neighbor kid walk them. Usually it's one dog starting the ruckus. A Garmin bark elimiminator works well.

    If like your second post states you have 23 dogs you may need a pole barn with indoor kennels for night time 100 yard away from the house. Keeping that many dogs is an operation that's going to cost money to do it right.

    Some dogs are just bark crazy. Those don't survive around my house. Normally just a fool.
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  6. My beagles.
    I believe I know the reason they bark and it is due to I live in woods and between deer and rabbits going through woods next to my Kennels they constantly bark at sound / sight of them.
    Not as bad in daytime but nighttime is a different story

    I do have a couple young dogs that are quicker to bark than others but they mainly start the rukus when they see me in yard. I have spent enough time with everyone of these dogs to know which bark belongs to who and it isn't the same one or couple that start it up all the time.

    I can't control what walks through woods so that is why I was looking for a bark stopper that could control more than 1 dog at the time.
  7. Closing them in their box/indoor Kennel at night is an option before you go to bed. Let them out first thing in morning. Wouldn't cost anything but effort.

    I've known 2 guys that bought the Kennel bark elimination system. High sonic sounds when they bark but neither were satisfied. Read posts on the board where people thought they worked.
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    We bought one of the high frequency boxes when living in the burbs; no effect whatsoever. Don't waste your money on it!
  9. I have a female that barks at animals passing by or neighbors dogs she sees playing in their yard 2 doors down. I am putting up a privacy fence. The water treatment is temporary for her. She won't bark at what she doesn't see.

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    I second cityus1 hose is the best second choice
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    a hose with or without water lol SOMETIMES
  12. if you can find one, try a kennel silencer. its a water system that is activated by the sound of a barking dog. works well will large kennels. run your piping where each kennel has a spray nozzle. dogs learn this system quickly. there is a delay when dogs bark to when the cylnoid kicks in and water flows. most dogs will learn to shut up before the water flows.
  13. Rev that is the kind of setup I was hoping someone had some experience with.
    My Kennels aren't close to my house and by the time I get up in middle of night and walk 80 yards to squirt them with water kinda defeats the purpose of trying to get good night's rest continuous.
    Yes I could shut them up in their houses but letting them out before I go to work in morn at 4:00 the rest of the house will not get anymore sleep as they will more than likely be making up for lost time of barking.
    So if I can come up with a system that keeps them quiet without me having to get up and squirt them.
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    Maybe this will help......wilbur

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  15. I looked at that one. Started to go out on a limb and by it but thought maybe with all the houndsman on here that I could get some feedback before I invested in a product that was a waste of money.
  16. yes, dogbone13

    it works that is the system i was talking about. company had stopped making them , glad to see they might be available again.

    all you have to do is pipe in one or two sprinkler heads for each kennel run from your mainline. I have 6 runs (8x16). make sure the only place that does not get wet is their dog house. system has enough pressure to run all heads.

    pastor A
  17. Ok thanks for input. I will be putting one on order by the weekend hopefully.
    My well is about 50 ft from my Kennels and I ran 1 in pipe for my water line to my Kennels so I can supply the system with more than enough water pressure.

    The sensor that picks up the bark if I mount it in the middle of my 12 Kennels I should be ok correct?
  18. Has anyone noticed that it says that this item is unavailable/discontinued? It has been like that for over a year on that page. I think you need to call them to verify.
  19. Well I see that now. Guess I won't get one put on order by the weekend. Thanks huntnin for pointing that out