Keeping an Eye Out

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by dbounds, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. dbounds

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    After mentioning our Great Dane in an earlier thread, some of you had some questions. This is Duke Barkly of Barn Hollow. Don't know how tall he is, (tall enough), he weighs 185 and eats about 1.5lbs or Purina a day. He loves his family and considers anything in the kennel a part of it. He's always home and keeps an eye out for everything. He's the best insurance policy I've ever owned! He earns his keep everyday.
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  2. plumber

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    Good lookin dog. I hope he earns his keep, thats alot of keep!!!!!!!!!

  3. yeah, well, he's big, but will he run a rabbit?
  4. David,
    He is pretty enough for a hat, but I don't think he will fit.
  5. RKW

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    Man, That is one huge pooch! I have to admit he is a hansome fellow. :up:

  6. john c

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    Hes a looker. You could saddle him and go for a :D
  7. hey... there is an idea... mounted rabbit hunt...:clap: