Keep running and Trialing ?

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by WoundForSound, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. WoundForSound

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    ok guys i have a question i have a 16 moths old male 13 inch that i have put in trials this year.. I have put him in 3 trials and he placed in all three.. i got a win and NBQ in canada and a NBQ in the states. My question to use is would you keep running him in the circut at such a young age and worry about frying his brain or lay him up for this season and hit it hard next year ?
  2. Bglenut

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    It's hard to say with out seeing the hound run and know the bloodline.

    Some hounds need to finish at a youner age due to them being more competitive when they get older. Some mature later and will finish with age.

    If the hound is doing well now and can take the pressure and shows no sign of becomeing (blown up) then I would keep taking the hound to the trials.


  3. MackC

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    I guess the best way to know is know the bloodline and dog. I saw dogs win all age trials this winter and then saw them ran in derby trials. Saw at least one finish as a derby. I ran a couple of good solid medium speed derbies in a couple of all age trials earlier only to see them fold under the pressure recently at a derby trial. If you run in an SPO trial now days you better have something that can take pressure or be able to perform at a very high level.
  4. beagleman01

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    to me depends on the dog, if it is competeing staying clean and not picking up bad habits i say run em
  5. FB

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    For what its worth, I would too.
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    beagleman01,I agree with you and I would add to keep a close eye on him and pull him at the first site of trouble.
  7. WoundForSound

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    ok ya i only run large pack so i will keep a close eye on him thanks guys. His blood mostly comes from canada.

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    WoundForSound,I run hare breed dog myself and have run some large pack trials in NY and Vt but also have had some luck running the same dogs in Spo where the guys let them run. They don't let them get crazy but they do like them to get up and roll.
    What I look for most when I am trialing or just running young dogs is to make sure they don't get to competative and forget that they are supposed to be running the rabbit and not just outrunning the other dogs. I run 3 to 5 dogs at the time and if they get to pushey I sometimes have to solo them for a while to let them get there heads back together. If they are packed to hard to young some times they will blow up.
  10. DismalDawg

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    I have seen Levi run and he was a nice dog and seems to produce dogs with brains and lots of foot.Zoro was no slouch ether.
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    Thanks dismaldawg I'm heading to a trial in mass this weekend I'll watch him there and base it of that
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    Ya the foot of my male definatly come from Levi..... I just baught a pup from Paul panziana the owner of Levi the pup is out of IFC Armando's Ripper and FTCH Armandos tiger Lilly .... Ripper is Levi's younger brother same cross just different liter and tiger Lilly was put in 10 snow trials won 8 and 2 seconds she got purina high hound of Canada she accumulated like 260 points in just last year alone so I'm pumped to get this pup rolling lol