Just started males with 7 month old Jed and Zeb

Discussion in 'Videos' started by JohnnyT, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. KyBrushBuster

    KyBrushBuster Well-Known Member

    You've got some nice up and comers there Johnny! I'm with grizz, I really like that light colored pup!!!
  2. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, Old Yeller has got a mouth you can pick out in a pack.
  3. Rabbithunter 1968

    Rabbithunter 1968 Well-Known Member

    Like always sounding and looking good.
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  4. Circle4p

    Circle4p Well-Known Member

    I like that lemon. He sounds like my old tricolor male.
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  5. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. The lemon and biggest tri-color belong to a friend. I'm just trying to get them going for him. The 7 month old pups are mine and they are half brothers to the lemon and the bigger tr-color.
  6. Rabbitfootforme

    Rabbitfootforme Well-Known Member

    nice, working good together
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  7. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the compliment Rabbitfootforme.
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  8. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Well-Known Member

    Johnny T: I always enjoy your videos and the style of hounds you run. I don't know how long you have been in beagles but I used to run with a bunch of guys from your area. Do you happen to know the Blevins family? They owned a FC Northwest Chopper several (30) years ago. I had some pups out of him. There was a number of guys that belonged to clubs in your area - Tubby Foster (deceased) and Bruce Nichols (deceased) and several others whose name I cannot remember. Frank Reece and Clarence Bannister from around Marietta. Clarence Bannister owned HOF FC Smith's Buzz Saw and HOF FC Buzz Line Director. I used to field trial and judge in that area. We ran a lot in cut over pulp wood land. A tough area to run in for dogs and over weight, out of shape, fat dog owners like me.
    Also remember a guy by the name of Bud Leighton. Just curious as to whether I might know you.
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  9. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the compliment Mr. Dunn. I've heard of some of the people you mentioned but don't personally know them. I've been rabbit hunting since I was 6 yrs. old and will be 66 in a few days. I've had my on dogs since I was 20 years old but just went to AKC dogs in the last 12 yrs. Most of what we hunt is cut over or young pine stands. I talked to you on the phone several yrs. asking about information on whelping nests. Again thanks for your compliments and help.
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  10. Rodgerl

    Rodgerl Well-Known Member

    Looked & sounded good. Boy they're loud.
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