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Just saying hey

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Hey everybody...didn't know this site existed until one of the fellas on rabbithuntingonline told me about it....i know some of ya from other boards. Those i don't know...hey, how's it goin? This looks like a great site.
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Welcome abord Arkyhunter. Do you have any hounds?
Heh...i have too many hounds! Most are grade tricolors and a bluetick male, have an AKC Branko male, AKC Blackcreek male (from my cousin Robbie---Rob's Blackcreek), and i have three of the prettiest little blanketback bluetick pups you ever saw! I'll post some pics tomorrow. I don't do any trialing, just rabbit hunting. I do a lot of night running in spring and summer.
Welcome to the board and enjoy it. :clap:

I was glad to find this site myself. Welcome to the board.:welcome:

Welcome to the site. :thumb:

We just hit 200 members. :thumb:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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