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Just got back from the deer woods

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and I could have probably seen just about as many from my deck.

Ive never seen so many acorns in my life. Even the pine trees had acorns. There were places that you literally couldnt take as step without stepping on acorns.

I guess thats why the deer didnt move much. They didnt have to.

I saw a doe and a couple of yearlings, then another doe, and missed a decent 8 point (I dont know what happened. He was way out there but Im sure it was the gun and not me) and thats all I saw in 3 days of huntin'.
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We're not seeong many but have loads of acorns:headscratch:
This has been the worst deer season we have had around here in years the deer just aren't moving much during the day seeing a few does but no bucks the only buck we are seeing that are legal are in pics we get at night
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