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    The rules in these two are pretty similar so the same scenario should work for either one.

    Youre down to a winners pack of 7 dogs. The dogs have been down and running for 20-30 minutes so theyve had time to settle in and youve had time to look at em a little bit.

    Red and green are banging around on the front, both wanting to lead. Theyre gettin' the most done but theyre also causing over runs and breakdowns. They get back to the point of loss pretty quick and pick up the biggest majority of the checks. There are a few times that they really smoked the rabbit, running him several hundred yards without a loss but there are also times that they dont go more than 20 or 30 yards without losing him again.

    Yellow, blue, and orange slot up and are running in the middle of the pack, not doing anything wrong but not contributing much either other than picking up a check every now and then.

    White and pink are on the back and have been the whole race. They havent scored much if anything. They just seem to be following along with the others.

    Its time to start picking up dogs...

    First dog up is 7th, next dog is 6th, and the other 5 will place at the trial.
  2. Echo Hill's

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    White and Pink need to go if they aren't scoring. Accomplishment over style rules the placement in SPO but they must have been contributing early in the day to be in the winners pack so they are obviously getting beat now.

  3. rosco

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    Pink and whites gotta go
  4. bterry

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    lets get pink and white low score and go from there
  5. rosco

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    White and pink are gone.
    Where do we go from here ?
  6. FB

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    I kept thinking we might get a few more opinions.

    Id pick up white and pink too. Its not in the GDP rules but as a judge, I dont think just a lack of fault should keep you on the ground. We're looking for rabbit dogs. Imo its OK to mess up a little bit as long as your up there trying to get it done.

    Dogs run the rabbit down a draw that isnt very thick and the scenting isnt very good. He crosses it and hits a disked area that runs down the side of the grounds.

    Theyre broke down and yellow barks one time about 20 yards from the rest of the dogs. Everything goes to em but nothing else opens.

    Red and orange open a little bit farther down and take off with it. The other dogs fall in.

    Red is in the lead but misses a turn and orange turns it behind him and keeps going.

    They get to a narrow ditch and another breakdown. Orange and blue work up and down the ditch, red and green jump the ditch and both open at the same time.
  7. Spini Boys

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    Dang Freddy I judged that and I cant remmember all those details!
  8. FB

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    I stayed up with em pretty good most of the time and was judging behind yall even though my scorecard was in my head and didnt count except for me. :wink:
  9. Spini Boys

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    Before I go to bed I will chime in. I cant remmember what color collars they all were wearing, I do remmember we picked up the two in front that were racing each other, not neccasarily running the line, but more interested in racing each other. Once they were up we had less break downs and the race continued at the same speed as before just much cleaner, with less break downs. Even the other hound owner told me that his hound wasnt about to let another one beat him in front. Now is that hound running the rabbit the best it can or is it more interested in being in front (Charging the rules say)? The entire pack did a great job and moved very fast, I dont know how you saw so much detail when the two that were judging had to split up just to be able to see the magorety of the race. No one saw the entire race, it moved faster and over rough terrain that none of us could keep up.
    Now with that said this was not an SPO trial it was a ARHA Gundog Pack, in MO. with folks that have run this format for years in a old club. They look for a certain style hound. In AR you have many Progressive Pack Transplants that look for their kind of hound. and so on. There will never be consistancy in any format. If that was possible we wouldnt have 40,000 different christian churches. I know when I go to certain clubs and have certain judges just how well I will do. Thats just the way it is. Now if I were to ask Crossroads what he thinks since his came in second do you think he would tell me we should have picked up his hound instead of yours. I'm not trying to get on anyone, but typing out a what if, is much different than being there and seeing ALL the details. I do know how folks feel I have been picked up before when I thought I was kicking but becouse my hound was in front. I was told things like (and they apply here) the others were filling the line, my hounds were causing the breakdowns, my favorite one is my hounds are too rabbit wise. And so on, but I have learned they are looking for a certain style hound at these trials and it just depends on where you are at the time and who is judging. Hope this helps you to understand why those two were picked up first.