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  1. I did not realize that you were that close to Goobertown. I have an old friend(and former beagler) that I have lost contact with that lived at Goobertown. His name is Mike Anderson, would you happen to know him? He started out with Gay hounds, then mixed a little Bad Seed blood, Then added some Blackcreek. I think Harold Hoots and Danny Goad acquired all of his hounds when he quit. Do you know any of these guys?
    David Ward
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    I met Mike once, I tried out a couple of young hounds he had. Have known Harold Hoots since I was a kid. I have heard dad talk about Danny Goad but don't know him. My dad knows you, said you field trialed together years ago. He had some windgate bred dogs. His name is Charlie Gammon. Dad likes to look at yall's website

  3. It is a small world. We had a son of FC Wingates Clyde. He was a real hound. Harold brought one of the gyps that came from Mike and bred her to Luther. She Has quit a bit of A Train and Skullfork Tilley in her. I am sure I would know your dad if I saw him. That was a long time ago and I was always judging so I didn't get to talk as much as some guys.
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    i know mike but been aloong time since i seen him hope he is doing well