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One of em is so good that I have to stick cotton up one side of her nose to keep her from runnin' two rabbits at the same time.

The other day we were huntin' and it had been rainin' so much that the creek was really high and water was running through it like crazy. Higher and faster than Ive ever seen it. The dogs ran a rabbit to the edge of the creek then just stopped barking. I figured it was a swamp rabbit and he must have swam the creek. I looked over and one of my dogs had a chunk of wood in his mouth. I hollered at him for acting like such an idiot and he dropped the chunk. I didnt think anymore about till a week or so later when we were huntin' the same place and the creek had gone back to normal. That same dog ran over to that chunk of wood and picked the track up and followed that scent trail right across the creek.

I dont know how he did it and wouldnt have believed it if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes.

Usually he'll just find a piece of driftwood and make a canoe and paddle across (especially if its cold).


Yall help me out here. I know Im not the only one with good dogs. :wink:

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i did that one time fred but it was only about 10 foot across so i just tossed
2 of them across and they took off on the bunny. but when i tryed to cross it was deeper than i thought. and took my legs out from under me.
so i waited for the dogs but they did not come back. but i could hear them running. so i took off my jacket put a big rock it it an tossed it over.
so the dogs would know where to wait for me.
so i went back to the the house to get a extension ladder and 2 x 8 plank
to put across the creek.
so this takes me about 3 hours to get home and back.
so when i get back to the creek they had a pile of 12 rabbits there waiting on me. :smack:
good thing the warden wasent around.
nite yall......LOL
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