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    After hearing the responses to my post about the c-section and how I obviously was taken advantage of (and I appreciate all of the responses), what would you have done if you found yourself in the same situation? Not having a local vet willing to be available after hours and having to make a decision on whether to let the dog die or spend the money to save her. I'm not trying to justify my decision, I made it and I'm glad I made the decision I did. Cookies doing great and all the pups are doing great.
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    You did what any responsible owner would have done but its a shame when the professional medical provider takes advantage of the situation. Times have changed and the almighty dollar reigns supreme. They would chastise you for not bringing her in yet have no problem in their billing you for their services excessively.

  3. i would have taking her to the vet
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    Well to truthfully answer your question, i will not spend 1500 hundred dollars on a vet bill. I know sometimes things like this slip's upon us that are out of our control. But i believe a person has to draw the line some where. I try to do every thing to my knowledge to prevent something like that from happening. I think a person can over feed a bitch when she is pregnant and cause her to get too fat and this just makes pups bigger. I have never seen a female a little on the poor side while pregnant have trouble having big pup's. I also won't breed a short couple female, long body females has less trouble having pup's. I won't breed a small female say 12 inches to a 15 inch dog, also a big old male with a big chuggle head can cause trouble. I run my bred females alot to keep them in shape even while their carring their pups. All of this i just mentioned i had to learn the hard way. I was raised on a farm and have helped my dad around cattle, horses, dogs and many kinds of animals and have had to pull a lot of their babies when they couldn't have them. I think alot of people are too quick to panic and run to the vet on thing like this when if they had given the female a little time they could have had the pup's. I have had females over the last forty years to have trouble having pup's but i didn't get excited but if i had too get a big pup through the birth canal then that just what i did.
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    "MSCTRIAD" most blue collar rabbit hunters wouldn't or couldn't spend $1500 on a dog for a c-section with no garranteed results. Decisions like this are hard for us houndsmen because we love our dogs. The animal rights groups that would have tried to hang you if you didn't take her to the vet don't / can't understand how we feel about our dogs. They are just political machines. You had the funds and it worked out for you and your dog. I'm glad. If the pups make good dogs it may be well worth the investment. In making decisions like this it is hard to separate the emotions from reality. For my past experiences I probably agree with everything "SALZER MTN" said, but it is a personal decision and everyone has to decide what's best for their family.
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    I would have found another vet, period. I make a living in the livestock business. It drives me crazy to watch what vets try to do on the small animal business. I have had to do after hour c-sections on cows before for a fraction of what you got charged. I personally drive a half hour to a vet for my dogs if needed. There are two clinics in my town but I refuse to let them rape me. It is well worth it to shop around before hand in case of emergencies to prevent this from happening again.
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    You did the right thing and your conscience is at peace with your decision. The Vet may not have a conscience that will bother him. We have a Vet here where I live but I dont use him for that very reason. He is a small animal Vet because he can get by with charging people like that. I drive 30 miles to my Vet who works on all animals large and small and he is reasonable even in an emergency. I'm sorry you got taken advantage of like that. If you wanted to you could check with 3 or 4 area Vets to see what they charge and then you will have a better idea of your charges. If it appeared that he was way off base you could let him know about it. Just my thoughts.

  8. well...i had never had a problem like this...until last year!...had a female bred...all was normal until day 63...then 64 then 65 and i am thinking...what in the world is going on...she looked like she could explode...but in no apparent pain or labor!!! i call my vet...he says dont be i wasnt...well on day the way i triple checked all dates...and had her in lock i really knew it was day i take her to the vet...he induces labor...hour and a half later...still nothing!!! had to do a c-section!!!....well 1 dead (black crusted over and stuck)...3 healthy males...$350...and out the door RIGHT????...not 5 minutes after leaving the vets office with momma and her rear ended and totaled my car...threw the mom and pups around pretty bad!!...2 days later the last pup died!!!...but i think it would have been well worth it if not for the crash!!!...and dummy me didnt think about the pups when working out the settlement with the other dudes insurance!!!!
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    Blubeagle, if that story wasn't so tragic it would be kind of funny. Oh heck I want to laugh but I just can't.

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    In an emergency I would not have though abouy the money unti; I recieved it.
    I would check with other vets in the area. If this bill was out o line I would call a lawer for advice. You may have some options. At the very least I would express my feelings to the vet in a calm manner. If an equitable arrange could not be arranged I would spemd more money. I would take out an add in my local paper letting the community know what to expect if they use this vet. I may even check on a bill board add. If the vet feels he is fair he will appriciate the free advertising.

    emergency c-swction 1500 dollars.
    exposing a crook- priceless
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    I might have called around to a few more places even if I had to drive longer to get there but one way or another Id have had the c section done just like you did.

    But if I got ripped off or taken advantage of like I think you were, Id name some names and hope it might keep somebody else from being robbed the same way.
  12. Blubeagle, if that story wasn't so tragic it would be kind of funny. Oh heck I want to laugh but I just can't.


    i know...i know...dang it...its not funny!!!....LOL...true...very true!!!....just my luck!!!!
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    If I felt like I could have waited until Monday I could have saved alot of money. Unfortunately she had alot of discharge Sunday morning that was clearly full of infection. You could actually smell it. It happened really quick. Late Saturday afternoon she started digging like she was trying to "nest", but she didn't appear to be sick or swollen. Remember she had just had the pups Friday night or early Saturday morning. Come Sunday morning, she was very sick. I really don't think she would have lived until Monday. Maybe, but I didn't want to take the chance. I'm still debating on how to address the situation with the vet's office. Until then, if you live in NC, I would highly recommend avoiding Reidsville Animal Hospital in Reidsville, NC.
  14. several years ago i had a simular situation happen to one of my gyp's. she had one pup and the second got stuck. i spent quite along time trying to turn the pup with no success. i called my vet and he pretty much told me it was going to be expensive to do a emergency c on her but he would if i wanted him to. he suggested that i wait until morning when the shop opened. he said that she was in no danger but the pups could be. my biggest concern was her so i chose to wait and took her in the next morning left her and went to work. in about four hours i got this call expecting the worse i had ten new puppies all healthy and she was in great shape. dogs are very strong animals never say never till its over.